Why there is a Reason to Live in Costa Rica?

Why Costa Rica? I find this hard to put into words but here goes:  The UK, Europe & USA are deeply rooted capitalist society’s that prioritises financial growth over ( and mainly against ) human wellbeing. Europe Welfare State is now in demolition process, via  the BundesMerkel System. The system relies on good little citizens that work hard and live payday to payday. Consumerism needs people to having a burning desire for the best car, the best brand of clothes or the latest iPhone. Which is funny because when people finally get those things, they just want the next thing rather than being happy/content with what they already have. If you have ever felt like a slave to the system, it is because you are. From the day we are born to the day we die consumerism and capitalism is drilled into us by parents, teachers, friends, press, music, films, media & everywhere you look. Christmas is a great example of that. All this actually creates though is greed, corruption & selfishness at the cost of social values, community and well-being. In Costa Rica there is no capitalist driven rat race for money. People are open, kind, friendly and treat each other with respect. There is a real sense of community & you might bump into the president. There is a huge value on quality of life. I realised that even with a bottomless pit of money you could not achieve the same quality of life in the UK as you could in Costa Rica on a shoestring budget. The people of Costa Rica live by the saying ‘Pura Vida’ which means Pure Life. It is clear the pura vida mindset is drilled into them from day one. It really is the happiest country in the world. As a marketer that’s takes advantage of the capitalism/consumerism mindset it was inspiring to discover a place still existed where people treat each other like people. Plus just look at the place- And that was in rainy season!


As I mentioned in a previous articles we are used to being self-sufficient here. We can grow almost everything we eat and the people have been living off the land here for hundreds of years. Costa Ricans are used to living with a lot less which is good. Most people who retire here adopt the frugal style of the locals and learn to spend less money. Fortunately, consumerism isn’t as big as in the U.S. so there are less things to waste money on.

Costa Rica seems to be out of the mainstream of the world news . You never hear anything negative mentioned in the U.S. media about Costa Rica. The country has a low profile when it comes to world events. No news is good news for us. However, there was a great story on the evening news recently about the area of Nicoya, Costa Rica that has a huge number of centenarians due the healthy lifestyle of the people who live there.

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