Escaping the Matrix: How We the People can change the world

Richard Moore has distilled decades of participatory thought and dialog into a delightfully readable volume by exploring a compelling metaphor: The Matrix is our present manufactured reality, carefully managed for the benefit of elite interests and rarely questioned by those who live within its structures. Escaping the Matrix catalogs the persistent historical patterns of ‘civilized’ hierarchy that keep wealthy elites in control of governments and economies. But Moore does not simply tally historical injustices or enumerate the many discrepancies between Matrix and real-world realities. Instead, he challenges us all to action by courageously linking the apparently bleak situation of a dominated world directly to a hopeful vision for achieving new sustainable societies. He urges us to bridge artificially divisive ideological boundaries through a process of community-centered dialog known as harmonization. Escaping the Matrix contains worldview-altering insights and profoundly optimistic conclusions that will leave readers of every political persuasion with real hope that there are practical ways for ordinary individuals to escape The Matrix by taking personal responsibility for changing the world through local action.

Some Critics to this excellent  Book

“Richard Moore’s Escaping the Matrix is one of the most exciting books of ideas I’ve read in many years. I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished. He goes to the root cause of the cancer that is destroying life on our planet today. He does so with a simplicity that is deceptive and an argumentation accessible to anyone of a right mind. His proposals for escaping the Matrix are equally simple and at the same time profound. This is a book that needs to be widely read and debated.”
—F William Engdahl, author, A Century of War, Pluto Press.


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