The beauty Caterina Valentino

Caterina Valentino is self described as an idealist, intense and very realistic. This entertainer and broadcaster was born in Caracas in the middle of a large family, simple working. He started in show business at a very young child attending shows and then the hand of William Gonzalez on “Show is worth much,” she won the fabulous prizes for their outstanding participation in song and animation.

He studied theater and acting, with Javier Vidal and Carlos Ospina, respectively. Puma started in TV, and simultaneously started his career as a broadcaster. He also participated in the “Expedition” of RCTV, where he served as cheerleader and excelled at the station Fm Center, in the conduct of “Fm News Center is” as main anchor.

I recently took the leadership of the first reality show health in Venezuela, “Sweating the Fat Drop” and produced by Hugo Devana. It now has a radio program called “With You … Caterina Valentino”, also in Fm Center.
The cheerleader is also brand image, and confesses that he likes to do is communicate. To learn more visit their official website Caterina

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