Inc. & grow rich!!!!

I read this book and is amazing read it you too:

Inc. & Grow Rich!

by Dane Carlson |

“This book changed my life considerably. While not a complete treaty on the subjects (not a single book can address the 12,000 pages US tax code, associated case law, financial planing, accounting, liability protection, etc.); it presents in a nutshell, key questions that the business owner should ask his/her advisors. Its language is easy to understand and the examples easy to follow. The grouping of themes by discipline helps to understand better the subjects on an individual basis. Unfortunately, that also makes the book, as a whole, appear a little bit confusing.Overall, the book is insightful and instructive. The only weakness I found was its strong bias toward C corporations. After following up on the subject of different type of corporations, I found out why. But I still believe that the book should have included a more detailed explanation of the differences between C , S and LLC corporations on the subject of deductions, specially regarding the owners. They are substantial; and with most advisors recommending their clients to go with S or LLC corporations (probably because of the way they are taxed), this lack of better comparison could make the book appear as misleading or worse, plain wrong. Nevertheless, Kudos to C.W. Allen and his team for a bold talk on the scary subject of paying the least amount of taxes possible.”


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