Six Degrees

Do You know the theory of 6 degrees of separation? This is an interesting theory that is the essence of social relations. The first to formulate such a theory was the Hungarian writer Frigies Karinthy .

His proposal sought to show that, through a particular chain of acquaintances, you can contact anyone in the world, i.e., refers to the idea that everyone is on average approximately six steps away from any other person on Earth. The argument was simple. Each person has a number of acquaintances who, in turn, have a number of acquaintances who, in turn, have …, and so on, until, through the chain of acquaintances, you can connect to the entire world population . You can see this like a connected graph in which the the degrees are the arcs and people the nodes.

Some experiments have been taken using: email chains (2001), Msn (20o7), US post(1967).

A Facebook platform application named “Six Degrees” was developed by Karl Bunyan, which calculates the degrees of separation between different people. It had over 5.8 million users, as seen from the group’s page. The average separation for all users of the application is 5.73 degrees, whereas the maximum degree of separation is 12. The application has a “Search for Connections” window to input any name of a Facebook user, to which it then shows the chain of connections. In June 2009, Bunyan shut down the application, presumably due to issues with Facebook’s caching policy.

What is really important is the strength of contacts. The more contacts you have and better quality, your chances of reaching more people or people that really interest you (directly or indirectly) increase exponentially and with it the possibility of selling your message.

Your relationships are your best tool to build your list of contacts. Don´t forget your university list of contacts, they will be your key to a good work, better than a job search!,.Think in Bring and Page, Gates and Palmer, M. Zurkenberg. You can think of anyone interesting. You can connect with anyone. You can reach …. US President Barack Obama. Why not?

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