Ollanta Wins Peru Election

Dear reader, these days we talk about the Election in Peru, I started to read about this issue and give some numbers I managed to get about this election: With respect to searches “Discurso de cierre ( campaign closing remarks)”, the candidate Ollanta double entries of the candidate Keiko Fujimori . The website of the candidate Ollanta is clearly superior to that of the candidate Keiko.
A text discourse analysis reveals that the candidate Keiko terms widely used and expensive for the Peruvian to decide this election are absent, but always present in the speech of the candidate Ollanta. The word “transformation” often used by Ollanta is not used by the candidate Keiko.
You get a lot of videos from YouTube of candidate Ollanta not of the candidate Keiko Fujimori.
The candidate Ollanta called to participate, in change the candidate’s speech Keiko Fujimori is more like maternal.
The rejection of the candidate Keiko Fujimori is greater than the rejection of the candidate Ollanta.
Keiko candidate appears to be based in the past, not the candidate Ollanta, who is a speech in the future, thinking a bit about this reminded me of President Chavez mentor the candidate Ollanta are just the same, which says the candidate Ollanta is what the President Chávez said in 1998 and still says today. It was like looking in a mirror.
Nationalist discourse, socialist, statist, and possibly evident in the populist candidate Ollanta, with a good welcome into the population for the country’s economic health.
I imagine will come nationalizations: Gas, Electricity, etc. Reforms of the laws of all color and species. Plans, name used in socialist Venezuela, “missions.” Wage increases, exchange controls, currency devaluacón. But emigration.
The speech of the candidate Ollanta has more punch than the candidate Keiko.
The advice around Ollanta also looks much better. With so many numbers in their favor Ollanta can not lose. Indicate that the material means to support of Ollanta Nominations are overwhelming.

It is also very amazing, unheard, unknown and even seem calculated the total absence of any comment from President Hugo Chavez about the Election in Peru,    so stranger in someone so talkative.
President Hugo Chávez came to power promising a radical change in the country, encompassing mainly the words “Constitutional” and “Reform” and a front to fight “corruption.”


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