Hugo Chávez: The marketing master

President Chávez could be one of the most important speakers of the end of XX century. His speeches are not just for communicate but for hypnotize. Probably, he could have been a wonderful CEO of a listed corporation, or good as TV anchor. Do you imaging hypnotizing like that the financial analysts?

He has convinced many Venezuelans and non-Venezuelans with his old fashioned 60’s style rhetoric. He is been positioned as a world leader, more influential even that many of the Europeans leaders be.

Let’s see his world famous TV show “Aló Presidente” (Aló is a popular word used when answering a phone call ( means the same as   HELLO!), all the sunday’s in Statal Tv channel  Canal 8). The show takes place in different locations every week. This location is a message by itself. It is known that it could last several hours (current record is 7 hours and 43 minutes). You may think, what can a person say talking for almost 8 hours??? Many things. But it is not about what he says but how he says it ( MacLuham ).

His public presentations are perfectly measured. However, they give the impression of being spontaneous. President Chávez has always used the symbols language. Depending on the event, he could wear a red “guayabera” or a wonderful tailored made suit. He is able to send to hell everybody and at the same time be the victim. Magnificent!!!

President Chávez is decided to sell himself to the world. He wants to be a worldwide leader at any cost. Just an example, if you want to compete against Coca Cola, first you have to define Coca Cola as your competitor and make people believe it. If so, then you have a positioning. The next step is how to make people buy more products from you than from Coca Cola. So, you need a differentiation. This is President Chávez logic against US President Bush and he doesn’t care if he has to go to the UN general assembly to get this clear.

Now the question; is he selling the product? He has been president for 12 years, invoked a “country rebuild: Constituyente” that has changed the constitution, manage a budget of more than US $ 50.000 million  without any control, and at the end when  President Chávez talk, like it or not, the world hears. A master…

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