FC Barcelona vs Manchester United: 3-1

FC Barcelona vs Manchester United: 3-1 Soccer is eleven against eleven and at the end … FC Barcelona wins! The Catalans are not in doubt is the best team in the world and beating them is … united barcelona champions final May 29, 2011 Print Soccer is eleven against eleven and at the end … FC Barcelona wins! The Catalans are not in doubt is the best team in the world and beating them is an almost impossible task. Against Manchester United in the Champions League final played at Wembley, Guardiola’s men won their fourth European Cup after a memorable second-half display and a luxury Messi and company. The final score 3 – 1 FC Barcelona crown the new king of Europe. FC Barcelona vs Manchester United: Goals 1-0: After an initial phase of the match in which Manchester United managed to stop the attack of FC Barcelona, ​​the Catalans 25 minutes and had the match under control and the possession of the ball. A rally that began in Busquets, Iniesta, who gave the ball to Xavi, led the Magic go to Peter, who topped positioned to open the scoring. 1-1: Abidal Throw in the defensive half of FC Barcelona, ​​the ball recovered by Ferdinand that played to Rooney. Carrick English combined with the kinks of marking Busquets, combined with Giggs, who was in an irregular position, and fired away from Victor Valdes. The draw raised at United. 2-1: FC Barcelona emerged from the break determined to kill the game. At 54 minutes appreciated the genius of Messi. Regular conference passes Blaugrana attack, ball to Messi on the edge, the Argentine begins in speed, looks at the goal and fired to return the advantage to FC Barcelona. Party at Wembley after a bright start the second part of the Catalans. 3-1: The icing on the cake. The third goal had it all. A move by Messi on the right side with two great dribbling level Busquets a recovery in the United area and class and determination to Villa, who controlled the ball and finished in place for the goal of the game. A goal of ‘Guaje’ and sentenced party. FC Barcelona vs Manchester United: Stats 66% of possession in the final of the Champions League is only accessible to a great team. The FC Barcelona is without doubt the best team in the football world and this has marked a period in the history of sport. Only the first 15 minutes, with good pressure from United, FC Barcelona could not impose his style. When finished the initial doubts, the party was all for Guardiola. Barca was too much  the English team.

The Camp Nou Celebration:

More like a classic, over one hundred thousand spectators packed the stands of Camp Nou in the celebration of the Champions won at Wembley, a brief holiday, in which only went to eight players and spectators with music and fireworks ending. Outside of the rush to go to the concert of Shakira, the girlfriend of Gerard Pique, then serving in the Montjuic Olympic Stadium or because of the celebrations fatigue takes its toll on the team but the players were not as eloquent as the conclusion by the League a few days ago.

Installed on a platform located in the center of the Camp Nou, where they posed with the Cups and the Champions League, won the Super Cup with Spain this year, the speech was the sharpest of Pique, who claimed that the successes of Barca are in a fair fight.

“We do not take drugs and we hit (the ground) or buy from the referees, just play soccer. I hope everyone now in the Olympic Stadium in the Shakira concert,” said Pique amid the laughter of his companions and applause from the fans.

Víctor Valdés has claimed Barca Catalan to tie a scarf with ‘senyera’ at the top of the league. “Missing one small detail to complete this event, to know it. I owed a (Champions) since last year and here it is, from Wembley to you all,” he said.

Carles Puyol has asked the fans who held it “very difficult” to win these titles and Xavi Hernandez, one of the most outstanding at the end of yesterday, pointed out that this team is fucking great. ”

“I’ve always been proud to be FC Barcelona and Catalonia, now more than ever,” said Xavi. Eric Abidal has thanked the detail of Carles Puyol, who gave him his captain’s armband and allowed him to lift the European Cup at Wembley in the box, so yesterday was “the best” of his football career.

Andres Iniesta also thanked the fans support. “Without you, these drinks are impossible. My heart tells me that the biggest thing is to be Catalans. I’m very proud of it,” he said.

Coach Pep Guardiola spoke only to introduce Leo Messi. “In celebration of the League, spoke all but one, who promised to do today,” Guardiola remembered.

The Argentine has again demonstrated that theirs is not the eloquence and if you need to talk, he does play. “I promised that today was going to speak and here I am. The truth is that I have nothing to say. Just to enjoy this, thank him for everything this year and see if we can enjoy many titles,” he said.

Surely the fans made them short, after a good wait. At seven o’clock in the afternoon and could not even a needle in the Camp Nou. The demand exceeded supply and fans filled the stands as they had never done before during the season.

There was so much density of spectators who broke barriers at the entrances and the last fans to the stadium had to go in the third tier and most of them were not local and had to fill the aisles or even see the party foot.

In the end, after a piromusical. The celebration ended with singing a capella hymn of Barça. Finished the season, FC Barcelona already thinking about the next year with a few challenges already in the month of August as the Supercopa of Spain (against Real Madrid) and the European Super Cup (against Porto), but surely the players have only head vacation. EFE.

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