Your LinkedIn Company Page Should Be a Valuable Sales Asset

Do You have a website? Do You  have a Facebook fan page? Do you have a LinkedIn company page?

If you are a B2B company, you coud have a LinkedIn company page, your LinkedIn company page could be as valuable (at least as requisite) as your website. Don’t believe me? Consider these facts.

By the time your company is on the radar of a prospective customer, they are going to conduct research on you. One of the first things they’ll do is Google your company name. Since Google´s Social  search results include LinkedIn company pages, you will want your company page to appear on page one, right? Page Rank 1, OK?

Your SEO plan has your LinkedIn company listed on the first page of Google, great! How complete is your company profile?

Company Overview

If you’ve spent considerable time carefully choosing the words that describe your company, your products, your value proposition, etc., that’s great. Make sure you add it to your overview in your LinkedIn company page.

Employee Profiles

Are all your employees up to date on LinkedIn? If your business has 200 employees, how many employees should your LinkedIn company page display? This isn’t a trick question. The answer is 200. Next, you’ll want to peruse your employee’s LinkedIn profiles to ensure they display a respectable photo, and they display relevant keywords in their bio description. The more often your employees display relevant keywords, the easier it is for your prospective customers to find your company on LinkedIn. And, the more authority you build toward your brand.


You probably have several products or services or both. And, you’ve carefully chosen the words to describe them too. Add all your products and services into your company page in the product and services tab.


If you’re hiring, display the job opportunities in your career section on your LinkedIn company page.


Do you have satisfied customers? Of course you do. Ask them to recommend your products and services in your LinkedIn company page. Imagine the difference it can make when your prospective customers visit your company page and read them, especially if your competitors don’t have strong recommendations and you do.


Make sure your employees display their skills on their profile using the “skills” display option provided by LinkedIn. Why? Because your prospective customer is considering doing business with your employees, not your logo. It’s your employees who will deliver your value proposition. Their skills should be readily displayed on their profiles.


You can list specials or promotions on a per product or service basis. You may think this doesn’t apply to your business, but if you’re exhibiting at a conference, you can promote your exhibit plans.


You can add videos to each product or service listing. If you have them, you should add them.

Twitter and Blog RSS

You should also add your branded Twitter link and your blog RSS to let your visitors see how you engage with them in social media.

Follow Us on LinkedIn

Grab the code provided by LinkedIn which is unique to your company page and display the “Follow us on LinkedIn” badge on your website or blog.  The more followers you have on LinkedIn, the more visibility you’ll have. Don’t forget to notify all your employees to follow the company page on LinkedIn.

Share the Standalone URLs

Each tab in your company page is a standalone URL which is shareable.  LinkedIn makes it easy to post each tab to your status update and to Twitter. You can also create shortened URLs of your company page, as well as any of the tabs. Track views to these pages using the analytics provided by LinkedIn.

What’s the ROI of a LinkedIn Company Page?

You may not close a deal with your LinkedIn company page. However, it’s fast becoming a valuable digital asset in B2B marketing where your prospective customers can do some serious due diligence on your company and your employees. They can even see the mix of your company staff comprised across functions including General & Administrative, Sales & Marketing, Research & Development, and Executive Leadership.

Your LinkedIn company page could possibly earn you a spot on a short list of companies being considered by a prospective customer, or it could possibly eliminate you if, by comparison to a competitor, you don’t convince the prospect you deserve to be on the short list.

Someone in marketing should be responsible for maintaining your company profile page. BUT, (and this is a big but), all employees should share in the responsibility by maintaining a complete LinkedIn profile which accurately reflects their responsibilities and specialties at your company. Marketing should provide the guidance and vision by communicating to all employees the importance of maintaining a strong LinkedIn profile and the relationship to your company page.

Put your LinkedIn company profile to work for you in your B2B sales lead generation process. If you need help with that, let me know.

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