Marketing 2.0

The fact that marketers are siphoning advertising budgets from conventional platforms into social networking and online marketing, confirmed the existence of a potential market that will begin to demand services Competitive Intelligence methodologies based on active listening.

A recent report by TNS Media Intelligence show that U.S. advertising spending fell for the fifth consecutive quarter. The first six months of 2009 compared to 2008
showed overall decreases in spending on television advertising (-10%), B2B Magazines (-27%)
Consumer magazines (-20%), Newspapers (-24%) and Radio (-26%). The only place to see an increase in display advertising was the Internet, which rose 6.5%.

The 2009 report Media and Marketing Study of Measurement can be viewed at:

50% of people who are internet users use social networks, Spain is the first European country in percentage of Internet Social Networks and ninth for Facebook users. Venezuela has 4,636,960 registered users on Facebook. It is the fourth (4th) country with the most users in Latin America behind Argentina Colombia and Chile, but ahead of Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, Bolivia and Parguay.

54.3% (2,538,860) of Facebook users in Venezuela are women while 45.7% (2,136,900) are men. 80.5% are users of up to 34 years.

Companies wishing to succeed must be where your customers are, because after all business is relationships and many are doing already, many corporate websites show icon Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, etc.. There are already many companies that have their pages on Facebook, others are advertised on YouTube. Thus, as customers are increasingly present in the network, the keys to the new marketing to establish and maintain relationships with customers have to go through the Web 2.0 (blogs, online social networks, digital video platforms, microblogging , etc.) as channels through which to conduct a business orientation towards the client. Consumers now are digital. About 80% of users trust recommendations from friends (“You buy from people you like”), so the brand strategy in this virtual environment have to be bidirectional, customized and innovative.

Social Networks are a reality, one need only view the events in Colombia, Syria, Libya, Egypt and even the municipal elections in Spain 2011. It is a reality customers are in the network. They are a fashion, but also a consolidation trend that day. The concept of connectivity, to communicate and share real-time events of our lives is really important.

Today we do across platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Tuenti, Twitter, etc.. The means of communication between people and businesses with their customers is changing dramatically, and companies that do not rise to the 2.0 wave would be dispelled in a past business model obsolete.

What do you expect to get on the Fourth Wave (Alvin Toffler)?

Make money in the Fourth Wave

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