The Inflammation Factor.

IF (Inflammation Factor) Rating™

Nutrition Data estimates the inflammatory or anti-inflammatory potential of individual or combinations of foods using a proprietary formula developed by Monica Reinagel. Foods with positive IF Ratings™ are considered anti-inflammatory and those with negative IF Ratings™ inflammatory. Because it is dependent on serving size, the IF Rating™ will change if you change the serving size in the Serving Size drop-down at the top of the Nutrition Facts page. If there is not enough data to calculate an IF Rating™, it will be indicated as N/A (not available).

A composite IF Rating™ is also generated as part of Nutrition Data’s My Tracking report. To learn how to use My Tracking to analyze your diet.
How to use the IF Rating™

Because systemic inflammation has been tied to an increased risk of a variety of diseases, many nutritional experts recommend an anti-inflammatory diet. It is not necessary to avoid all foods with negative IF Ratings™ to follow an anti-inflammatory diet, although strongly inflammatory foods should be eaten in limited quantities.

The goal is to balance negative foods with positive foods so that the combined rating for all foods eaten in a single day is positive. A typical target for a single day is a combined IF Rating™ of 50 or higher. Those with inflammatory conditions or at increased risk for diseases linked with inflammation may try to reach a combined total of 200 or higher.

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