Consorcio Fonbienes

Due to user complaints about the lack of answers to membership contracts and award of goods, the Institute for the Defense of People’s Access to Goods and Services (Indepabis) on Thursday imposed a temporary closure to the Consorcio Fonbienes located on the main Avenue Francisco de Miranda, Caracas, Venezuela. Consorcio Fonbienes is in another south american countries like Perú, Colombia and Brazil

This was announced by head of the Board of Conduct and Instruction Indepabis, Jorge Ortega, who also noted that the measure of closure will be for seven days. It also specified that the number of complaints handled by the consortium against  Consorcio Fonbienes in Indepabis is 586.

“This bill is due to end in violation of Article 118 of the new Law for the Defence of the People’s Access to Goods and Services, because they represent a danger to those involved in this kind of services planned purchases” , he said Ortega.

He said Consorcio Fonbienes establishes unfair terms in contracts with service users, in turn fails to return the money, which people have to wait six years to get it. The company has scheduled procurement services within the next three days to oppose the measure and present their defense, as stipulated in Article 119 of the new law.

“If they have quick solutions to the various complaints registered, as the rise Indepabis to continue their work without affecting any rights of others, because the audit institution you are looking for the speedy resolution of cases rather than punishment” added. He said that this week will continue to review the scheduled sale systems in different states, since, according to Ortega, they have become a massive problem in recent times.

For its part, Rebecca Rivero, one of the persons concerned from Guarico state, said “the company denounced the negative Consorcio Fonbienes takes me a timely response to the request to return the money they deposited into your account. I canceled 23 shares giving a total of 10 000 strong bolivar. ”

Recalled that in 2004 signed a contract for the purchase of a vehicle and withdrew for financial reasons. On this occasion, thanked the Indepabis for responsible action to respond immediately to complaints from various people.

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